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Understanding STR Laws In Newport Beach


Owning a short-term rental (or multiple rentals!) can be a great way to generate income, provide a legacy for future generations, and meet and interact with people from all walks of life.

Establishing a short-term rental business is a process and can feel daunting at times. There are regulations to follow, permits to secure, and a learning curve to conquer in how to start and manage your business successfully.

We’ve compiled this list of rules and regulations specific to Newport Beach to assist you in establishing and maintaining a short-term rental business.

While many people do manage their short-term rental or rentals by themselves, others choose to allow professional property management companies to do that for them, perhaps freeing up time to invest in more properties!

If you’d like to discuss how we may help you to maximize your short-term rental property investment returns, please reach out and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and how we might help you achieve them.

FAQs About Newport Beach STR Laws

What Exactly is Short-Term Lodging From A Legal Standpoint In Newport Beach?


It may have different definitions in different municipalities, but in Newport Beach, it means the rental of a residential unit for 30 days or less.

I’m Interested in Purchasing a Property for the Purpose of Short-Term Rentals. What’s my First Step?


Do your research! Look at the types of properties others are renting, the amenities they offer, the rates they charge, and the dollars they’re generating. Speak to your professional financial planner to see if this type of investment meets with your overall goals. If the answer is yes, your very first step is determining if the property(ies) you are interested in are in a zone that permits short-term rentals. To check, put in your address here.

What if the Property is in an HOA (Homeowner’s Association)?


Contact the HOA to determine eligibility, but be aware that the CC&R’s will supersede. Please note that the City will not issue refunds for any monies paid for licenses and/or permits if your HOA does not permit short-term rentals.

Okay! I’ve Purchased a Property Zoned for Short-Term Rentals and I’m Ready to Get Going. What Do I Need First?


You must apply for a business license and a Short-Term Lodging Permit. These documents must be renewed regularly and remain valid at all times.

How Do I Apply for These Permits?


You can download the forms to fill out, but you will need to mail them in. Please allow up to 15 days for processing.

How Do I Determine What Rates to Charge?


The best way to do this is by searching on online booking sites for properties similar to yours, making notes of their rates, and then checking their calendar to see how much they’re booked. You can formulate your own rates based on these observations.

Alternatively, you could hire a professional property management company to price and market your property for you.

Are There Any Restrictions on My Advertising?


You must include your lodging permit number on all advertisements for your short-term rental property.

What Happens if My Permits Lapse?


You can be issued daily citations for using your property as a short-term lodging without a permit, up to $9,000 per day.

Can Short-Term Rental Permits Be Revoked?


Yes, they can, for serious and/or continued violations of the conditions of approval. Review the revocation process here.

Do I Have to Collect Tax from Guests?


Yes, you are responsible for collecting a 10% transient occupancy tax on each reservation. Click here to learn more about this.

Who Is Responsible for the Remittance of Taxes and Fees to the City?


As the owner, you are. This is true regardless of whether you collect the taxes and fees yourself, or employ an individual or company to collect them on your behalf.

What Other Information Am I Required to Submit to the City?


You must provide the City with the name and telephone number of a caretaker/emergency responder within a 25-mile radius of your property, who will respond to any call about your property within 30 minutes.

Do I Have to Display My Permit Anywhere Within My Property?


Yes, you must display your lodging permit in a conspicuous place in your short-term rental property.

Is There Any Other Signage I Must Display In My Property?


Yes, there are several things.

1. A copy of the Newport Beach Municipal Code

2.The Additional Standards for Short-Term Lodging Units must be filled out and prominently displayed in a conspicuous place. This documents provides for the following information:

a. An emergency contact located within 25 miles of the property who can be at the property within 30 minutes.

b. Parking for the property. You must provide your guests with the number and location of all available parking spots. Guests MUST utilize garage and driveway parking before utilizing street parking.

c. Street sweeping schedule

d. Garbage schedule

e. The ordinance pertaining to Disturbing the Peace

What Other Information Am I Required to Provide to My Guests?


You are required to provide a copy of the Good Neighbor Policy.

Can My Guests Have Commercial Events, Including Weddings or Wedding Receptions?


No, these types of events are all prohibited, as is commercial filming.

Do I Have to Allow the City of Newport Beach Into My Short-Term Rental Property for Inspections?


Yes, you must allow the city into your property within 7 calendar days of a request to inspect.

Who is Responsible for My Guests Compliance with City Regulations, Including Those Pertaining to Short-Term Rentals?


Ultimately, you are. You are required to provide your guests with all applicable regulations and even though you may not present, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are in compliance.

What Information Do I Need to Collect From My Guests?


All pertinent identification information, as well as license plate numbers of all guests and any friends of guests who park at the property.

Does the City of Newport Beach Have a General List of Rules About Short-Term Rentals?


Yes, it does and you can access it here. Many of these rules are also covered in this document.

How Do I File A Complaint Regarding A Property Used For Short Term Lodging Without A Permit?


Complaints can be filed here. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

The Tenants Staying At A Property Near Me Are Causing Problems Such As Noise And Not Picking Up Their Trash. Whom Should I Call?


You may submit a complaint here. Please provide as much detail as possible, including pictures. If problems are occurring after business hours, please call the Newport Beach Police Department at 949-644-3717 and email

If The City of Newport Beach Asks Me for Any Information About My Short-Term Rental, How Long Do I Have to Comply With the Request?


You have 7 calendar days from the date of the request.

Are There Rules About Who Can Stay at My Property?


Yes, there are three:

1.) Your guests must be a minimum age of 25.

2.) You may not have more guests than the maximum number of guests permitted by building and fire codes.

3.) Your guests may not sublet your property.

What Are the Rules About Noise?

Quiet hours are from 10:00pm - 10:00am and the city of Newport Beach takes this seriously. Guests must be made aware of noise ordinances and as an owner, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your guests comply with this ordinance. If you’d like to know greater detail about the noise ordinance, please visit this page.

For any additional questions related to permit requirements please email

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